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Download FixMy10 To repair system problems latest version

Powerful and sophisticated tool to solve and repair system problems and Windows

Description of FixMy10 Is a portable and easy to use tool that provides the ability to repair Windows files, remove restrictions, fix many other system and Internet problems or reset them to default settings, making FixMy10 a useful, lightweight and very fast application Which lets you Fix many common issues If you know what you need to fix or just want to scan your system in general to fix Windows 10 problems, FixMy10 is a useful tool at hand.
FixMy10 is a program A lightweight application that allows you to fix some of the most common Windows 10 issues and is very easy to use. The user interface is divided into 3 tabs and one allows you to make general fixes to different file types on your computer (EXE, BAT, CMD), through which you can see the files and folders you have restricted (generally those sensitive to Windows sensitive) and another tab where you can fix some common problems, such as Explorer.exe does not start automatically.


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You can program FixMy10 From Removing restrictions from Windows Access to certain functions may be caused by administrator settings but can also be a result of Malware threats, A scan button at the bottom of the window next to the button to remove restrictions and an optional “Select All” box at the bottom right and restrictions and information are displayed on the main panel.
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FixMy10 fixes Windows problems The menu bar at the top of the window is a Tools tab where you can access Task Manager, Registry Editor, and MS Configuration. It also provides a command prompt and system restore, providing a good way to fix Windows 10 problems. The Help tab takes you to the developer’s site, and the portable functionality in the FixMy10 easy-to-use troubleshooter makes it a desirable addition to the system for users of all levels of expertise.
Tool, powerful, sophisticated, solution, fix, problems, system, Windows, 10
Often the use of the computer does not come without consequences, As installing and uninstalling software continuously is a step closer to the stacked files, the unresponsive files and the inaccessible folders. This is doubling now that we use the Internet every day and the downloaded files are not always the safest, it is always good to have a system repair tool For those who are using Windows 10, the good solution is FixMy10. If you know exactly what problems you are experiencing while using Windows 10 or feel like just shooting in the dark and doing a general check, FixMy10 is very useful.
FixMy10 Is very limited in what it does, so the group of users who will use it will probably not be that size. Moreover, due to continuous updates that reach the operating system, some features may become outdated quickly but this still means that they can be useful for those who do not update Computers often

conclusion: FixMy10 is one of the best and most powerful light applications that can fix Windows problems and improve the quality of system files to restore its activity and speed, but it is easy to carry and easy to use makes it accessible to users with a variety of levels of expertise.

Free version number: FixMy10 v2.1
Compatible with: Windows XP | Vista 7 8 8.1 10 + 64bit
Developer: home page
Size: 4 MB

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Download the latest version of FixMy10

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