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Download Google Chrome Canary 2019

Google Chrome Canary description : Is a developer version of the famous browser Google Chrome main It updates frequently and gets the latest changes before any other version. Quick updates from Canary’s browser come on the manual test account so you may try to make some new edits that no one has checked to make sure. You can also install the Canary web browser to run it side by side With the standard version of Google Chrome so you do not have to choose between them, you can from now on can easily launch the Canary browser for general browsing and switch to Chrome when you need to perform important tasks such as online banking, for example, Canary can update itself automatically If you are a Chrome fan or just want to know where the browser will go then the program may be worth watching. It is a powerful and secure web browser that is released with the help of Google and provides a new look for interesting and reliable web browsing on Google Chrome technology. Next is the best way to view and get updates to Google Chrome browsers

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Using the Canary Browser from Google : This means that anything that appears in the Google Canary browser may eventually appear in both developer and developer versions. If you want to stay on the latest Google Chrome features, Canary is what you need and the good news is that when Google Canary is installed, it will not install itself on Any other version that you have installed so you can test on the content that suits you and famous Knary new browser that is one of the most powerful Internet browsers programs that proved the efficiency of high performance and speed and provides a degree of security and protection of 100% while surfing the Internet as you can through the program Canary Always look at the latest edge in the development of the Google Chrome browser Google Chrome Canary is your answer If you are asking about a modern and sophisticated Internet browser that you can use with comfort and reassurance that it is from the Google version
Google chrome canary. Download the latest version of Google Chrome canary
Why is the Canary Browser designed? Because users looking at the upcoming Chrome release test and getting a glimpse of the new features and improvements can choose the beta version of the Canary program and preview the latest tools, additions and new updates to the Chrome browser, Google Chrome Canary First receives new features and tools for both developers and early adopters, but it’s clear that the Canary is not recommended for regular use because in fact Google shows that Chrome Canary can not be set as a default web browser because of this But unlike the beta or dev can install the canary browser and use it with a stable version of google browser side by side.
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conclusion : The web browser (Google Chrome Canary) is a trial version of Google’s default browser is installing the latest additions and discussions on the Canary first to be tested and then applied to the browser Google Chrome Basic and features the browser Canary that has the amazing capabilities began from the speed of browsing and degree of protection provided by Hi from Google

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Free version number: Google Chrome Canary 76.0.3795.0
Compatible with: Windows XP | 7 8 8.1 10 + 64bit
Developer: home page
Size: 1 MB

Download the latest version of Canary Google Chrome

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