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Download HDCleaner HDCleaner to speed up the computer

Program to clean up and speed up the computer and raise the efficiency of the hard drive

HDcleaner Provides a comprehensive Windows maintenance toolkit whether you clean your hard drive or registry, encrypt data, split files and remove traces of use and provides the ability to backup, defragment or search and replace registry keys, values ​​and data with a very fast search algorithm with HD Clipper HDcleaner You will always find the right tool to speed up your computer and improve its performance and works to delete the effects of browsing, Internet and Windows tracks and program tracking and support for more than 700 plugins.

He has an HDCleaner performance AutoCleaner is a registry cleaner utility that cleans registry, eliminates errors, improves computer performance and removes unnecessary files. One of the computer maintenance programs provides a variety of features in order to get rid of computer problems and among the important features in HDcleaner Is the ability to clean the computer in addition to cleaning browsers and delete duplicate files You can learn about hard drive information, system security settings, data and file encryption, Internet browser protection, duplicate file removal, and hard disk defragmentation.

HDCleaner HDCleaner interface

The HDCleaner program It improves services, disrupts unnecessary services, reduces background activities, saves system resources and memory, and can search for redundant files that accumulate on the hard drive unnecessarily taking up space and can hinder the entire system and disable settings in Windows that provide independent connection to the Internet and modify and clean playlists Corrects hard drive errors, analyzes and optimizes the registry database.HDCleaner program It can clean the files and trace data left by the sites, get rid of corrupted files, clean the registry, fix the hard disk errors, uninstall the programs, recover the deleted files, prevent the programs that run with the start-up andEliminate error messages, convulsions, and slow computer problems One of the most important features offered by the program HDDlecan HDCleaner is the ability to delete the effects of browsing and allows the possibility of deleting some files on the device permanently without being restored again and also works HD Cleaner to save space by deleting some malicious files or anonymous source and you can Now download the latest version of HDClaner HDCleaner direct download link.

HDCleaner program It helps you to improve the performance of the computer system as it works to repair system errors and repair the errors that are found in the hard drive. You can also recover from HDCleaner files that have been deleted with backup and restore feature – full backup and restore registry works on Edit system from unnecessary and old dll files, create and edit system restore points and scan important files and folders and scan entire partitions or drives with complete false data.HD Clipper HDcleaner The program HDCleaner has a set of tools and functions useful in improving the speed of the computer and has an easy to use interface and there is no difficulty in using it and HDCleaner is the latest version compatible with all Windows systems HDClaren is one of the best and most powerful programs for maintenance and cleaning of computer and operating system and correcting hard disk errors.

a program HDcleaner Contains the most important tools for maintenance and cleaning of Windows and uninstall programs and delete programs from the root and contains a tool Recover files that enables you to recover files that have been deleted, such as restoring photos and videos and deleted files from the hard drive and has the tools to clean the registry and repair errors and remove the remnants of the temporary system and clean the effects of Internet surfing A system optimization tool and Windows security information. You can download HDcleaner updates here as soon as they are released.

☚ FREE version number: HDCleaner 1.248
☚ Compatible with: Windows XP | Vista | 7 8 8.1 10 + 64bit
☚ Developer: home page
☚ Size: 6 Mega

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