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Download Kingston SSD Manager latest version

A tool for managing and controlling hard disks from King Stone

Description of Kingston SSD Manager: An application that provides users with the ability to monitor and manage various aspects of a hard disk drive and is supported on all operating systems. Kingston SSD Manager can track and control the Kingston SSD’s health to prevent data loss and manage its features where available, using this tool if You have a solid Kingston engine. There is a good chance of maintaining and maintaining your KingDisk Hard Disk Drive as it requires, and Kingston SSD Manager is a dedicated tool to help you monitor, drive, and use your drive.
Provides a program Kingston SSD Manager Detailed engine identification model: After a quick and quiet installation, you will face-to-face with an easy-to-use interface. You can preview the valuable data about your drive along with the current health status from the box in the upper left corner and side note. If you have more than one SSD, On the left As far as the information provided by Kingston SSD Manager is concerned, you can learn more about the section, disk usage, SSD corrosion, spare parts, public health, temperature and power in hours from the bottom panel. The other data gallery includes the Kingston model, serial version and firmware, with the latter available with an upgrade recommendation.

Hard Disk Management Interface Kingston SSD Manager

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Has a management program and control of the Hard Disk Kingston SSD Manager The Overload feature allows you to set up a protected host area and reduces the usable drive capacity to help enhance both stamina and performance. Note, however, that the feature works only with the DC400 string if the Kingston model supports it, and the app can display a “Process” tab where you can take advantage of improved edits and features.

How to install Kingstone SSD Manager

The Kingston SSD Manager program lets you: A simple way to monitor the features of the King Stone hard drive While you are in the bottom panel, you can check the overall health of the drive and you will be happy to know that you can explore many of the relevant features in detail including, you can calculate the number of bad blocks and read the error rate and number of program failures Check the number of failures, invalid ECC errors, etc. Depending on your model, you can turn on features using color metrics, which means you can monitor their status.

conclusion: Kingston SSD Manager is a direct tool for monitoring and managing your SSD, regardless of whether you need to know the details of your solid-state drive or want to check whether you need to upgrade the firmware or prefer to monitor disk health Steel to prevent future data loss.

Free Edition: Kingston SSD Manager
Compatible with: Windows 7 | 8 8.1 10 + 64bit
Developer: home page
Size: 58 MB

Download the latest version of the hard drive management software Kingston SSD Manager

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