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Patch My PC 2019 Direct Download

The program Patch My PC 2019 is different from other programs it is unlike other software updates that check the updates and then downloaded from the Internet directly and the program adds the installation of the patch files where the program performs this task automatically and recognizes the files Bache as files Reformation as it is a small program It is used to fix an operating system or application problem.

The program is compatible with Windows versions such as 10-7-8 as the program size is only 585 KB. Patch My PC 2019 is a free tool that is easy to use. The program enables you to maintain more than 100 updated programs and can install these programs on your computer and open the program screen will automatically check the system to find old programs that are not updated and displayed in red is one of the best updated programs that The program interface from the left side at the top displays some basic information about the computer and the version of the operating system.

You can also delete all the programs installed on your computer. It also allows you to download and run the program directly, and then you will see all the programs that are available to you. Updates Updates the process updates and there are many other features in the program, which can be used to delete all programs installed and also update Windows and also control the programs that work with the start of the program and wonderful and important for anyone who wants to update the programs on his machine with Abundant time and effort

Patch My PC It displays all the programs available and ready for download and the user as the selection of programs through the check box next to the name of the program either for the part on the right hand you will find that it contains six different sections such as Update Status to display the status of updates in red, green and black colors and Options Section Or choices.

The user can choose programs that do not want to be updated, and the third section is Uninstaller to uninstall the programs and the fourth section Schedule or schedule to determine the times of the updates, whether every day, two days and a week or once a month and at the bottom of the screen Note that there is a command to check programs in addition to the number of updates that have been completed Microsoft already has a tool on the operating system to update the operating system automatically so the Windows system is always updated and programs also own, but the programs belonging to Microsoft or other programs on your computer does not certainly not update the software may cause problems Protect your computer

Patch My PC 2019 provides you with a service when you want to re – partition your hard disk, the program enables you to download and install all the programs you need at once without the need for a single search for each program, which takes a lot of time and effort to search for the correct download links and direct Every program where 2019 Patch My PC has a wide library of all the programs that will not exceed your needs for the computer such as popular browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox and video playback programs such as VLC, Media Player Classic and many other programs are indispensable to Any computer in the world is a video player all formats

Now with the download program

Program name Patch My PC 2019
Website Publisher for the program
The size of the program is 1.7 mega
Free license
Operating System All versions of Windows

click here to download

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